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Oatmeal Gingerbread Cookies

I like my cookies like a like my men: a little spicy, brunette, chock full of maple syrup undertones, well-established, successful, intelligent, hilarious, and unopposed to oatmeal. If my cookie doesn’t have a PhD, I’m all like, “WHERE’S YOUR PHD, COOKIE? HUH? THE FUCK.” And then I eat the cookie. To prove a point/eat a […]

Red, White & Blue No-Bake Tart and Other Heartbreak Home Remedies

Everyone seems to have their own home remedy for recovering from a broken heart. It’s like getting gum out of your hair or relieving a case of the hiccups. Don’t talk about him for a whole week. Go to the gym. Rebound. Write a way too personal blog post about it and somehow tie it […]

Sweet Noodle-less Kugel

Some might call me an enigma. But “enigma” has always made me think “enema” and then I have to google enema to make sure I’m not actually thinking of  the movie Enemy of the State. Basically, I’ll think it’s an insult. So I prefer being called a puzzle. A mystery inside a cop drama inside of a Rubik’s […]

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Stuffed Mini Cupcakes + Yogurt + Coconut + LOVE

Kids? Your father and I called this family meeting to discuss something extremely important. I hate baking. I hate baking so much. Junior? Stop crying. You know this family only weeps on Wednesdays and today is Thursday. On Thursdays we Crush Dreams. No. I do not love baking. I don’t even plain old like it. […]

The Super Bowl of Super Foods (and some super super foods explanations)

Do you…do you see what I did there? Because of The Sports? My knowledge of football started at the title of this post and ended somewhere around that last sentence. So, needless to say (why do we always continue to say after we’ve deemed it needless?), I’m everyone’s favorite guest at Super Bowl parties. And […]

Last Minute Thanksgiving Side: Roasted Orange Glazed Brussels Sprouts and Sunchokes

So what have you all been up to on this final sprint to Thanksgiving? Scoping out boxed whole vegan turkeys? (it comes in a box.) Perhaps you’ve been digging up those repressed memories of family dinners past just for funzies? Well, if you’re busy doing either or both of these things (they are time consuming!), […]

Local Goods: Can we talk for a second about DF Mavens Vegan Ice Cream?

Holy shit, yes we can. I think my favorite part of DF Mavens Vegan Ice Cream is probably the sorcery involved with making it. Sure, the base ingredient is always either coconut milk or soy milk. And yes, the other ingredients include things like roasted pecans, vegan caramel swirls, pieces of cookie crusts, hazelnuts and […]

Sweet Potato and Vanilla Ice Cream (almost raw) Pie

I really wanted to start this post by saying this is the greatest thing I think I’ve ever made. Luckily, I get to start it however I want and, you know, I just exercised that right. My only hesitation is this: I’ve called other things the best things I’ve ever made. For a hot second […]

Twice Baked Baby Potatoes (and a lesson in making excuses)

Let me start out first by saying “you’re welcome.” I was in a bad mood when I made these and wrote this long diatribe of a post ready that made almost no sense whatsoever. Then I scrapped it. To spare you. Because I love you. Also because it was nonsensical diatribe. So, obvious next step […]

Vegan Gingerbread Muffins with Pumpkin Cream

The air is crisper, oversized sweaters swallow undersized girls once again, Lululemon stock soars as the temperature dips into give-no-fucks daytime fashion territory. Everyone is perpetually on their way to the gym. And as well the should be. It’s fall and the only better than indoor/outdoor slippers is the abundance of aromatic freshly baked breads. […]



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