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Eggplant and Black Bean Stuffed Bell Peppers

I hate doing dishes. No matter what, I always end up with more dish water on myself than in the sink. It’s like a child using their face to eat chocolate cake but 100% less endearing. It’s mostly just damp. I think I just get overly enthusiastic with my dish washing movements, going for speed […]

Pumpkin Curry Tofu with Squash (and a heart to heart)

It’s been a little quiet around here. The thing is, I haven’t really cooked in a good while. You want to know how I know? (The fuck do you mean you want to know? I haven’t cooked. I’m not an idiot. Mostly.) Because I a) couldn’t figure out how to cut to my squash, b) […]

Pumpkin Zulka Sugar Cookies and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Like the old saying goes, if you mail a Molly 4 lbs of organic non-GMO morena pure cane sugar, she’ll probably make a batch of sugar cookies. First she’ll clumsily transfer it from plastic bag to various containers but after that, after that she’ll probably make a batch of sugar cookies. Well, I mean she […]

Chocolate, Blueberry, Vegan Caramel Cereal Bars

Did you ever used to eat those General Mills cereal bars? You know, the ones for kids-on-the-go with mothers-who-are-done-trying? Look, I’m not suggesting milk should never be served in a solid form between two cereal patties and the mothers who serve said atrocities should be ashamed, but that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Certain things should […]

Carrot Ginger Dressing

In any other setting, a haphazard bowl full of translucent iceberg lettuce and a few tomato slices of questionable origin (grown under someone’s bed, right? In a shoe?) would be cause for concern. But at a Japanese restaurant, it might as well warrant a ticker tape parade. Because everyone knows what limp lettuce really means. […]

Vegan Zucchini Cornbread

I have three leather jackets. I love them all. I want a fourth. I have a problem. No, silly, not because four would be too many leather jackets. What are you? Some sort of monster? And it’s not my reliance on fragment sentences. Yet.┬áNo. Here’s the problem: on those first few cool days of fall, […]



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