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The Search for the Best Cookies in New York, January: Baked in Brooklyn – Chocolate Chip & Walnut

I love cookies. I think this is part of the reason I am so health conscious and so into avoiding carbs. You kinda have to be when you live for cookies. It’s a non-negotiable. I don’t deny myself treats and my treat of choice is always, 100% of the time, a cookie. So much so […]

Mediterranean Portobello Pizzas

I don’t like pizza. When my friends ask me why, after they’ve gotten over the initial shock of it all (I live in New York where apparently this is not okay?), I explain it this way: one time I broke it down and realized pizza is nothing more than white bread doused in pasta sauce […]

National Oatmeal Month: Sneaky Pete’s Oatstanding Beverages Giveaway & Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Who loves plays on words more than me? No one. Ever. So imagine my joy when I got an email from someone from Sneaky Pete’s, makers of Oatstanding Beverages. But then imagine my further joy when this was part of the email: (I did not already know.) Anyways, in an effort to promote full disclosure […]

Mini Vegan Pecan Pies

Back when I was a wee girl of whatever ambiguous teenage year I’m referring to (it could be all of them, let’s be real), I used to make a lot of Mini Pecan Pies. You’d think there wouldn’t be enough excuses/reasons/times when I was hungry for Mini Pecan Pies to warrant making a lot of […]

Roasted Fennel Tapenade and Polenta Cucumber Bites

A new year, a new finger food that doesn’t involve toast or crackers or bread. It’s like I took the words out of every single human being’s mouth. And so far, 2013 has been the year of the tapenade and finger foods. Why didn’t I eat tapenade in 2012? Was 2012 a bad year for […]

Hot and Spicy Seitan Tenders

I’ve always loved condiments. In middle school, I’d eat condiments for lunch. And like, that’s it. Straight condiments. Except if you count my fingers. Because I was eating condiments off my fingers. (I HAD ALL THE FRIENDS.) To avoid being a social pariah or some sort of leper or some sort of social pariah leper, […]

Steamed Celery in Peanut Sauce

Ok, maybe I misread the menu. Maybe it’s because I can’t read. Maybe a lot of things. But when I ordered Steamed Salad* from Red Hot II in my Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope via Seamless last week, I’m not sure what I was expecting but it probably wasn’t celery in peanut sauce. Luckily celery […]



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