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Vegan Gingerbread Muffins with Pumpkin Cream

The air is crisper, oversized sweaters swallow undersized girls once again, Lululemon stock soars as the temperature dips into give-no-fucks daytime fashion territory. Everyone is perpetually on their way to the gym. And as well the should be. It’s fall and the only better than indoor/outdoor slippers is the abundance of aromatic freshly baked breads. […]

Raw Vegan Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

I have two completely delightful roommates. They’re Southern frat brothers, devout eggs-and-bacon-and-breakfast eaters, and really, really tall. Like 12’7″ collectively. And they’re the best. They can reach things I can’t reach, they put up with my wacky fridge staples (Seven types of mustard? Sure. Six different jams? Why not. A seemingly endless supply of Icelandic […]

Very Veggie Burgers

Veggie burgers typically fall into one of the following two categories: big, bulky, beautiful, restaurant burgers and frozen patties. Can you guess which type I prefer? Apparently, I describe things I’m fond of with “b” words. Love my bitches and (b)hoes. There are pros and cons to both kinds of veggie burgers. Frozen patties are […]

Maple Roasted Cashew Butter

I have a terrible memory. Blame the rampant drinking (I’m young!), blame the fact that I’m very rarely listening when people talk to me (I’m self-centered!), or blame the dozens of other variables I’ve clearly long forgotten. And I’ve only ever had minor head injuries (is a thing people say?), none of which resulted in […]

Vegan Greek Salad

When was the last time you tried getting brunch with a vegan? At like a normal, everyday, our-Bloody-Mary-tastes-a-bit-too-much-like-ketchup charming restaurant with charmingly poorly shaded outdoor seating? My guess is never. Because that’s pretty specific, I guess. But mostly because it doesn’t go well. You’ll get there, you’ll sit in the blazing sun, you’ll order your […]

Spicy Vegan “Sushi” Tofu Bites

Have you ever had a really great idea in an unusual place? The bathroom? School? The bathroom at school? It feels pretty great, right? It’s like you’re striking gold on an expedition to some weird, never explored land. You haven’t found intelligent life forms yet but by God you have a fantastic plan for next […]

Vegan Cheesesteak Collard Wraps

When I asked my Vegan Dining Companion (V.D.C.) what foods he missed most specifically as a male vegan, his almost immediate answer was cheesesteaks. After my initial worries that my V.D.C. was a closeted bro subsided (I breathed into a paper bag for a few minutes), I decided it was time to make my V.D.C. […]



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