Vegan Lasagna Bites

per wonton (estimation based on a plain bite consisting of what I think was 1/2 tablespoon or so of ricotta):
48 calories // 4g carbs // 3g fat // 1g protein // 5g fiber // 4g sugar

When I made Vegan Ricotta and Spinach Lasagna the other day, I made a whole, whole lot of Pure Food and Wine’s pine nut ricotta. So much vegan ricotta. So little time.

All of you.
All of you go in my mouth now.

JK. There’s always time for vegan ricotta.

Luckily, amongst the 6000 pounds of groceries I bought at Whole Foods that day (I am a sucker and I know it and I may be broke now – emotionally) was a package of wonton wrappers. And you know what tastes good inside wonton wraps? Everything. Seriously. Buttons and paperclips and belly button lint would taste good in wonton wrappers. No. They’d taste great. But also, vegan ricotta tastes super good in them. And so does spinach. And pasta sauce. And I have significantly less vegan ricotta left overs now.

I want to wear you like a crown so I can be queen of the lasagnas.
It’s a small island off the coast of my dreams.


wonton nice.

I’ve been wonton some tasty snacks.

(I took it too far.)

is that rustic, Americano backdrop a playful juxtaposition to this east meets west asian inspired lasagna bites?
no. that makes no sense. and I don’t think you know what “juxtaposition” means.

Vegan Lasagna Bites
makes as many as you have the patience for


adorable snack time:

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Spray some cooking spray on a baking sheet.

Place a wonton wrapper on the baking sheet. Spoon some ricotta in the middle. Add some spinach if you like. Maybe some pasta sauce. The wonton is your oyster or whatever. Fold up the edges to make a little diamond. Pinch the corners closed. So cute. Make a dozen more, in any variety. Spray the closed wontons lightly with baking spray. Bake for 10 minutes.

Dive the fuck in.

the incredible shrinking lasagna bite.
courtesy of my lasagna bite loving tummy. and magic.

FUN FREEZING FACT: Put these in the freezer. In the morning, after you’ve straight ironed your hair for the 4th time and you look presentable/fried, grab 2 or three and put them in your Rachel Ray (kill me) lunch bag from Target (why haven’t you killed me yet?) – by the time your lunch break rolls around, you have yourself some tasty, defrosted yumyums! WHAT A FUN FREEZING FACT.


  1. veenashankar · · Reply

    Super easy and lovely snack

  2. I was liking this recipe till the f bomb was dropped.

    1. Luckily it’s not an ingredient so the recipe is still intact as you liked it…

      1. Don’t be such a baby, this is the internet. You should just be glad there were no vaginas.

      2. I want to be your friend.

      3. tiki2tone · ·

        Boohoo. Get over yourself. Don’t like it? Get off the internet. Sissy.
        Tissue for your issue?

    2. I don’t think the f bomb would change the delicious outcome of this recipe :/.

    3. Boo fucking fuckity fucked hoohoo.
      I can’t stand the F bomb. The internet should be a clean place just like my little bubble wrapped world. Well fucking fuckknuckles. This recipe is fucking genius and give the credit where it’s fucking due.
      Grow the fuck up. Overly sensitive fucking fanny.

    4. Migitry · · Reply

      I totally agree, the F word was not needed. I have less respect for the post and the poster for in vegan like conduct.

  3. Well these look darn tasty! I just discovered your blog.. I love your sarcasm, and use of approriately placed f-bombs. Good for a monday morning smile!
    Keep it the fuck up.

  4. Who are you? You are hilarious. And these sound delicious.

  5. you are hilarious and i want to shove about 20 of these in my mouth right now. they remind me of those tiny frozen pizza rolls. yum.

    1. Ok so I know it’s not what you mean but now I have the bagel bites theme song stuck my head. It’s a good thing!

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  7. […] things first, can I gloat a bit? Of course I can. This is my blog and I make the rules and sometimes I curse and other times I curse some more. But back to gloating. My Vegan Ricotta and Spinach Lasagna for […]

  8. I agree with Orkhid1 — the f bombs are so unnecessary! But, I will definitely be making these lovely mini lasagne wontons. I do the same thing, only using large pasta shells and never thought of wonton wrappers. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. I still have to giggle at the way people think the world is such a clean and innocent place and get offended at the word “fuck” when there are so many other far more terrible things to concern themselves with. Like obesity. Or heart disease. Or starving and slaughtered people.
      Anyway: Love the recipe: Will be making this for my family’s next get together. Thanks!

      1. I couldn’t agree more!

        Hope your family loves it 🙂

  9. Beverly · · Reply

    I have been ready to start making the transition from vegitrian to vegan and this is going to be a good place to start! It looks great!

    btw:I can’t help but laugh at Orchid. hehe..

    For the record I love that you dropped the dreaded fuck bomb on your page! Kudos to you! It makes me like the recipe even more!

    1. Good luck with the switch! I can’t say I’m a vegan (I like that whole cheese business. And eggs. Sigh.) but it is definitely fun to dabble in it.

      Oh and thanks 🙂

  10. What size wonton wrapper did you use?

    1. Little guys. Maybe the 3×3 ones? Or 4×4? I have no sense of size/space/lots of things.

  11. Didn’t like the f-bomb, but looking forward to the recipe.

  12. I always keep an eye out for delicious and quick vegan recipes for my boyfriends sister. I thought, I could make these with regular ricotta, and could bet they’d be just as tasty, if not better! 😉 not only was I excited to notice how simply easy these are, I absolutely enjoy your personality that shines right through. I’d say 2 of 5 food blog writers are exciting, and you my friend, are freakin hilarious! Thanks for the giggles! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks!! Stick around and I promise more recipes and intermittent swearing!

  13. I like you. Like, a lot. And I want to shove about 40 of these in my face-hole.

    1. I like you too! And 40 seems like a good start. Just occasionally stop to breathe/make more.

  14. making these tonight! laughed out loud to your f-bomb. came out of nowhere and i loved it 🙂

  15. Gonna make these for my fall party! So everyone can shove like 40 in their mouths, and who cares if she curses. It’s her blog and her fingers typing. They’re ur eyes, avert them if ur displeased.

    1. I look forward to your mouth stuffing party. This means I expect an invitation/photo documentation.

  16. are the wonton wrappers “vegan” too, I thought wonton wrappers were made with egg?, in which case these would be vegetarian, not vegan?

    1. Aaaaand I’m going to have to look into this…see this is what happens when a non vegan tries to make vegan food. Thanks for the heads up.

  17. You know what else is amazing in wonton wrappers (besides everything)? Nutella. Wrap and deep-fry that shit. Dust with powdered sugar.

    1. I normally do nutella, with a slice of banana in spring roll wrappers…. The fruit makes it super healthy lol… Enjoy!!

  18. What got me interested was the recipe but what it left me with was a funny read. Thanks for the giggles.

    1. This is my favorite sort of comment. Thanks for the midday pickmeup 🙂

  19. hi !! i have a silly question.. steamed spinach or raw spinach? 🙂 THANKS

    1. Not silly! I used steamed.

  20. Marie Everett · · Reply

    Let’s start out on the right foot, shall we? The “F” bomb was funny and if readers don’t like it, they can darn well read something else. But they’ll certainly remember your blog, right? So…I’m not vegan or vegetarian and, God willing, I will absolutely never ever be one. Amen. My point? Ah, yes. I was on Pinterest and saw a recipe for Cheeseburger Quesadillas. Hamburger mixed with catsup, mustard and other stuff (my other stuff was Worchestershire sauce), put it in a flour tortilla shell, spray it, bake it, eat it. Yummy. We eat with our eyes and I saw your priceless little lasagna bites. Substituted your filling with my seasoned hamburger and baked the two-bite babies. Whoa, Nellie! New favorite of mine. Your recipe shows you have nice way thinking outside the box with ingredients. I’ll be back to see what you’ve got and try experimenting some more. Thanks for the humor and idea. Keep it up – dang good job!

    1. I am thankful for you and this comment today. Also your idea sounds rad. If I ate meat, I’d throw all the meats in there.

  21. I’m making these tasty little gems for an ugly sweater party (cliche? yes. any less fun? no.) on Saturday. Can’t wait to try them and I’ll let ya know what the other kids think. Thanks for the recipe and the sass! 😉

    1. There is nothing wrong with an ugly sweater party. Sometimes, when I get dressed in the dark because I forget to turn on the lights (why else?), I put on something really terrible and for the rest of the day I have transformed myself into a walking ugly sweater/dress/pant party. Because I am a party.

      Enjoy the bites!

  22. Donna Malone · · Reply

    Clicked on this recipe… Read down through it saw the f-bomb, smiled, and will definitely be following quiche-a-week…..And sharing this pin hoping and praying my f-bomb sensitive friends will see it! They need a little “what the fuck?” In their lives… I know I do! Totally enjoyed the unexpected… And as a bonus the recipes look extremely wonderful…love the vegan recipes! My goal is to follow a complete vegan diet soon.

    1. Damn straight we all need a little fuck here and there. (See what I did there?)

  23. You are my hero.

  24. I didn’t even notice the “f bomb.” Then again, I don’t have a stick up my ass, so…

    But seriously, thanks for this! I can’t wait to make them!

  25. These sound tasty. How well do you think they would hold up on a buffet, like on a steam tray/chafing dish thingy. Would they get soggy? Trying to escape the traditional finger sandwich fare for a bridal shower.

    1. I have no experience with legit buffet style trays or whatnot but I kept these in the fridge for a decent amount of time and they stayed tasty. That being said, there’s very little correlation there…but give it a try!

  26. Katie Blank · · Reply

    At the moment I’m making these for a late-night pick-me-up, and I must say they are fantastic! They don’t last very long once I take them out of the oven because I’m eating them all 😉 Guess I’ll have to make a few extra batches!

    1. I’m impressed! I like to stay away from the oven past midnight. I’m pretty sure the burners turn back into satan’s hopscotch right around then.

  27. Millyjo · · Reply

    Woah.. Can’t just go throwing the F. Word around nilly willy! People may think your a count 😉 … Damn you spell check! I did not mean count…. Fab blog btw x

  28. Linda I · · Reply

    Fuck yeah! These look great and you’re a hoot. I’m following you now. For Pete’s sake, there are so many things we ought to be offended by: poverty, injustice, racism…why the fuck are people offended by words. Keep up the good fucking blog!

  29. antonia · · Reply

    These look fucking delicious

  30. Totally yummy sounding recipe. Came to your page through Pinterest. Fuck is one of my favorite words and I loved that you use it so freely. Puritanical people piss me off. It is YOUR blog after all and they really have ZERO right commenting on it. Besides, how about just commenting on how deee-lish the recipe sounds and leaving it at that? Or just going away and shutting up works too! Rock on with the great recipes and thanks for keeping it real! 🙂

  31. Reading this all the way from South Africa, and I think these look fucking Phenomenal… LOL… Will give them a bash, maybe the Man (read Carnivore) might try one as well… Thanks

  32. […] some good things. While on Pinterest planning out some meals for the week, I found this recipe for lasagna bites that inspired me to see what I had left in my fridge.  I bought some boneless buffalo wings from […]

  33. love the receipt, the presentation and the fun not boring usual receipts approach – very sarcastically funny!
    Looking forward for the next one..

  34. […] Vegan Lasagna Bites […]

  35. Reading this made me laugh so much! I love your way of writing & I need to try the recipe soon. These look delicious!

  36. […] But I was still able to meet up with Holly, and we crafted everything from photo booth items to delicious vegan lasagna bites. Vegan food is seriously amazing, all you need is a good […]

  37. I never look at cooking blogs, but pinterest brought me to yours & you’ve won me over. You are hilarious & we obviously should be best internet friends now.

    1. Internet best friends are my favorite kind of best friends!

  38. These are the best! I’ve made them a few times & used pesto when out of spinach. Thanks for a great recipe.

  39. Molly Lovelace. · · Reply

    I love these and can’t wait to make my own varieties. Yummy…. And thanks for being human with a colorful vocabulary.

    1. Thank you for thanking me for being a human!

  40. what’sa matter with fuck? it’s as delightful a passtime as eating these veggie bites must be!

    1. Some might argue that it is indeed the most delightful pastime…

  41. My husband is working late and I’ve got a 1 1/2 year old. Since we’re stuck home alone, she and I are going to put on fancy party dresses and light sparklers and eat the shit out of these lasagna bites off a pretty tray with a doily.

  42. I also have no problem with a well placed f bomb. Made me laugh actually.

  43. ma bean · · Reply

    I wasn’t sure I was going to like these what with being a vegan and sometimes hungry but then came the f bomb which I think will make them extra delicious. I’m off to buy some wontons. Well tomorrow, I’m drinking wine now.
    Great blog to drunkenly stumble upon, keep up the effy Jeffy good work

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  46. […] Snickers so I can eat them faster!!! Listen, I’m a work in progress ok? But Molly over at Quiche-A-Week is now bae because of […]

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