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Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Muffins

Oh you know, just another one of those walking-through-Whole-Foods-on-Christmas-Eve moments of clarity and awe-inspiring brilliance. Yeah. I was strolling around Whole Foods on Christmas Eve (further known as “Not My Holiday”) when I decided I needed to make some Chocolate Chip Muffins with Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – inside them. move along, nothing to see here, […]

Curry Coconut Tofu Soup

It’s just another one of those days when a can of anything from a shelf somewhere needs to be made into a bowl of something. Hello, Coconut Milk. I’ve seen you around here before. Maybe everyday for the last month. You come here often/never leave. You spend a lot of time with the Sliced Water […]

Homemade Luna Bars (and balls) – feeding an addiction.

Is this a safe place? Can we indulge in some Real Talk™? Is that a trademark symbol? Trademarked things promote honesty, or so I’m making up right this second. So I’m going to be real. Excuse me. Real™. I have a 2 Luna Bar a day problem. click here to skip my emotional turmoil and […]

Spicy Chili Chocolate Tofu Fries

There’s a bit of a story behind how I got to making Spicy Chili Chocolate Tofu Fries. It may seem like a total duh/of course/who wouldn’t/why haven’t you already/why won’t you shut up sort of decision but it wasn’t. Also? You shut up. jump past my story to the recipe if you hate stories and […]

Sweet and Smoky Tofu over Spicy Leek Ribbons and Green Beans

This morning I had a severe case of tofu autopilot. I woke up and – without any hesitation or thought or teeth brushing or clothes putting on-ing – I went to my fridge, pulled out a big package of tofu, cut it open, drained it, wrapped it in paper towels, and plopped it down between […]

Creamsicle Protein Shake

Cute girls eat a salad or some drugs before they go out at night. I pound a protein shake. I’m a catch! If you’re going to drink a meal replacement shake – with or without significant alcohol consumption afterwards (but probably with) – you’re obviously going to want it to taste like a Creamsicle, right? […]

Banana Chocolate Chip and Date Muffins [vegan]

What do you need after a mini hiatus from writing about food because your favorite person is visiting you in New York and you’ve been drinking your way through the city for 3 days straight? You need wholesome, good-for-you-carbs and healthy sugars in the form of Banana Chocolate Chip and Date Muffins because I think your […]



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