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The Super Bowl of Super Foods (and some super super foods explanations)

Do you…do you see what I did there? Because of The Sports? My knowledge of football started at the title of this post and ended somewhere around that last sentence. So, needless to say (why do we always continue to say after we’ve deemed it needless?), I’m everyone’s favorite guest at Super Bowl parties. And […]

Mac and Cheez Pockets

As someone who likes putting things inside of other things for the sake of convenience and mobility as much as I do, you’d think I own dozens of purses or sets of Russian dolls or cars that seat an excessive amount of clowns. But alas, my deep fascination with putting things in things begins and […]

Sweet and Sour and Spicy Tofu and Greens and Mushrooms. And a mouthful. Lots of mouthfuls.

For me, buying ingredients is like forming friendships. Sometimes I buy ingredients/choose not to be a bitch to someone for no particular reason. Most of the time, it’s because they’re pretty. And boom. Ingredients are purchased/bonds are formed for a lifetime. A beautiful, beautiful lifetime. Swiss Chard, everybody. What a looker, right? Strolling down the […]

Vegan Russian

Spoiler alert: girl likes to drink. (I am said girl.) My drink of choice is diet coke and your least finest well whiskey because at night time I am a) sleepy b) cheap as hell and c) A LADY. It’s like I’m the perfect date or something? I also typically opt for salads or vegetable […]

Sriracha Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Disliking chocolate ice cream is on the same level as war crimes…or so it seems. Up until 2 weeks ago, I was a chocolate ice cream dissenter/truly twisted human being. It always seemed so one-note to me, you know? No. Of course you don’t know. You like chocolate ice cream. Because you are people. The […]

Blueberry and Macadamia Muffin Tops

If you’ve ever seen that Seinfeld episode or lived a life involving any form of muffin consumption, you’re probably well aware that the best part of a muffin is the top. But here’s a fun fact: the worst part of a person is quite often that other kind of muffin top. You know, that bastard […]

Braised Kale Stuffed Sweet Potato Boats

Do you ever get a word stuck in your head? I do. A lot. And I’m not talking about some chorus from a song or a jingle or a saying or the constant nagging from your various family members that has just become a soft, unintelligible constant hum every time you think of anything and […]



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