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Chipotle Fried (and Baked) Green (and Red) Tomatoes

A couple days ago, I was riding down the Ughhhhhh canal of Blehs and Oofs and Frowny Faces. While the scenery is nice, I fucking hate boating. And metaphors. But there are only a few other options in this sort of situation. You can sit around moping because you’re really, really excellent at moping (the […]

Citizen Chef Chipotle Adobo Tofu and Pickled Slaw Salad

Free things are the best things. Free drinks are my favorite drinks that are definitely not laced with date rape drugs. Free-for-alls are my favorite emotional and physical states. And free food has always, forever been my favorite food. I’ve even gone to great lengths for it: I’ve shown up to work for it, I’ve […]

Vegan Cookies and Kahlua Ice Cream

If you know me even remotely well, you know that I only really talk about three things: ice cream, guys, and drinking. Fuck it, strangers probably know this the best. Anyways, it’s pretty much the holy trinity as far as I’m concerned. They’re the three things I consume the most (secret’s out, fellas, I will […]

Vegan Buffalo Chik’n & Mung Bean Pasta

On a scale of 1 to The-Slightly-Deranged-Man-Who-Complimented-My-Dog-On-“Curbing Himself”-When-He-Wasn’t-Even-Going-To-The-Bathroom-Let-Alone-Doing-Anything-Intelligent, how creepy is it to have a camera tripod set up in your bedroom at all times? And is it worse if it’s perpetually pointed out the window into your neighbor’s apartment or directly towards your bed? What I’m trying to say is we’ve entered the Molly […]

Black Bean Spaghetti Nests

I’m pretty sure it’s fitting that the last thing to be made in my tiny can’t-maneuver-in-without-dropping-and-shattering-innumerable-jars-of-peanut-butter kitchen turned out to be my favorite thing I’ve ever dreamt up. Black Bean Spaghetti Nests have all the classic elements of the perfect dish: a) protein and fiber heavy b) light on carbs c) handheld/fucking adorable and d) […]



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