Ninja Chopper
I like it when my kitchen electronics are named after people who wear all black and occasionally wield swords. In case you needed any other reason to get a Ninja, let me just tell you it is the easiest, tiniest thing on earth and sounds considerably less like a chainsaw than my food processor.


KitchenAid Mixer Ice Cream Bowl
I know, I know, you don’t need an ice cream machine to make ice cream. But you still kinda want one, right? You want to know why? because ice cream is magic. And if you’re anything like me, you’re mildly interested in magic.


Silicone Bakeware
The only thing I hate more than food sticking to places where it shouldn’t stick is absolutely nothing. I hate it more than anything. Anything in the world. Thank god for silicone bakeware.

Moleskine Recipe Journal
You guuuuuys. This is aaaaawesome. No but really. I’ve been looking for a moleskine recipe journal for what feels like 5 or 6 lifetimes. I knew they had to have one. Turns out they did. At the Container Store. Makes sense. (Makes no sense.)

LikeIsay, I got mine at The Container Store for the absolutely absurd price of $19.99. What’s it made out of? Angel tears? Oh. is? Seems reasonable then. Icelandic Yogurt
At any given moment, there are no less than 3 of these in my fridge. I’m not saying that I eat them for breakfast and dessert on the same day but I do. I eat them for breakfast and dessert. A lot. I think plain Icelandic yogurt is better than Greek yogurt – how dare I! – with a lot less carbs (6g) and a lot more protein (22g) per 6oz individual 110-calorie carton. Downright delicious.

I get mine, 6 at a time, twice a week, at Whole Foods. They don’t think I’m crazy at all. Nope. 

Fox Run Pie Quiche Saver
No it’s cool. This is just my current absolutely favorite thing. It saves your pies. In portions. Portions! You can grab a slice of pie to go! That’s the way I’ve always wanted my pies! 

I bought mine from Amazon. I need like a dozen more, I’m pretty sure.

EatSmart Digital Kitchen Scale
I’m pretty sure my life was incomplete before I knew how many grams of eggplant I was adding to a recipe. And how many ounces of tofu it takes to make my tofu nuggets. I can’t remember not having my kitchen scale. And I’ve only had it for a month. My memory is really worrisome.

I got mine from Amazon because I’m pretty sure that’s where everything comes from. Especially babies.

Bob’s Red Mill Golden Flaxseed
I literally inhale this shit. It’s insane. I go through so many bags of this that I’ve been considering getting a frequent buyer punch out card, validating it myself, and giving me a free bag with my 10th purchase. I.e. I’m going to steal my 11th bag. It adds a really nice nutty flavor and different texture to anything soft I’m eating. I add it to whatever I’m eating for breakfast. And half the things I eat for dinner.

Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer
If you can’t be trusted with everyday, run of the mill noodles or pasta, this contraption is awesome. If you love vegetables and aren’t satisfied until you’ve found every which way to eat them, this contraption is awesome. If you used to worship your play-do toys as a child, that’s sorta weird. Did you make an altar for it or something? Anyways, this contraption will be awesome for that too, I guess. Psycho.

I got mine from a Groupon Goods deal so, you know, it only took about a month to be shipped to me. Thanks Groupon. You make savings almost not worth it.

Isopure Zero Carb Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder
I’m pretty sure that 65% of my motivation for working out is the promise of a protein shake soon after. And this is hands down my favorite protein powder I’ve ever tasted. Not saying that I’ve tried tons but the many I have tasted are kinda nauseating. Or too sugary to make sense. Or nauseating. But Isopure isn’t. It mixes pretty well, works great in baking, and shit son, it tastes good. And carb-free. Woo! If you’re scared of protein powder, try this one.

Nutiva Chia Seeds
Did someone say “trendy new healthy ingredient for Molly to put in everything”? That’s weird. I could have sworn I heard somebody say that. Must be the voices in my head. MOVING ON. I’m loving these chia seeds. I am actually quite literally and most definitely adding them to everything in the world. I’d add chia seeds to chia seeds if I could. And I might. Healthy fats? Love it. Equal parts carbs and fiber? Get the fuck out. 3g protein? Seriously. Get. The. Fuck. Out.

I bought my first bag at GNC roughly 3 minutes before they locked their doors to close for the evening. In your face, GNC. Serves you right for opening shop on Union Squares and staying open til 9pm. It also serves me just dandy, thanks.



  1. You are adorable and your writing is hilarious. Also, supplying me recipes through the internet is almost like feeding me, which, like most dogs, will earn you my undying loyalty.

    Can’t wait for more!

    1. Comment of the week. Thanks! I look forward to Pavlov’s dogs-ing you in the future!

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