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Cookies and Bananas Foster Cream Pie [vegan]

Do you ever always fixate on something completely and utterly and absolutely necessary to your everyday well-being? Weird. I’ve been fixated on Bananas Foster recently too. I’ve been making some variation of it for three days straight. If there are bananas in my kitchen, there is Bananas Foster in my frying pan. It’s just that […]

By popular demand…DIY Vegan Wonton Wrapper Recipe + a Thanksgiving Snackum

If you loved my vegan lasagna for two or my vegan lasagna bites but you can’t find eggless wonton wrappers/pressed tofu skins in even the most charming of your local Chinatown’s convenience stores (it smells like dried shark in here!), you don’t have to cry anymore. Unless you’re sad about something else. I won’t pry. Just […]

Mama Molly’s Cranberry Pomegranate Relish

There was a long time when I thought Mama Stamberg was one of my family members. It didn’t help that the only time I’d come across her Cranberry Relish recipe was when it appeared in a handmade cookbook made for me, typed out on Word and haphazardly cut out and glued to a page. I […]

Tofu and Mung Bean Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Stuffing

When you’re that person who doesn’t eat bread, thinking about Thanksgiving dinner can start to give you hot flashes/heart palpitations/cold sweats/the shakes/the spins/the other things you don’t like feeling. It’s simple really. There is but one culprit. Stuffing. jump to recipe Stuffing is so good, guys. That carb-y, protein-less, sponge for grease and meaningless grams […]

Organic Avenue Juice Cleanse Review + Giveaway!

HEY. ASK ME ABOUT MY JUICE CLEANSE. Seriously, if I didn’t have to wear black to work/look sane, I’d have written that on my shirt. I did my first (short) Juice Cleanse from Organic Avenue earlier this week and I. Am. Jazzed. About. It. Let me explain how it all came about and why you […]

Creamed Kale [vegan]

Have you started your Thanksgiving Advent calendar yet? What’s that? That’s not how Advent calendars work? Well if Thanksgiving Advent calendars don’t exist, how did I open a window to a spoonful of Vegan Creamed Kale the other day, huh? I’m Jewish. Let me have this one. Please. click to jump to recipe Vegan Creamed […]

Apple Pie Ice Cream [vegan]

If you’re anything like me, you spent your Hurricane Sandy day of cooped up madness brainstorming Thanksgiving recipe ideas. Typical. Typical cabin fever behavior. Some people have sex, some people think about vegan Apple Pie Ice Cream. It’s almost the same thing when you squint/eat ice cream mid-coitus. click to jump to recipe This might […]

Sunny Side Up Spinach Cakes

I know I make a lot of vegan food but being a vegan is sort of similar to how I’m an octopus: I am not one. And while no one has ever called me a preachy octopus (not a sermon, just an 8-tentacled-could-destroy-you thought), I’ve gotten “preachy vegan” more than once. So you know what […]



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