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Vegan Raw Crunch Bars

I need to tell you a secret. Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant/harboring any (serious) psychiatric problems/a combination of both. But really, is there any other way to be pregnant? Exactly. skip my secret and go to the recipe because, whatever, you’ve never liked me much anyways… Moving on. No. It’s even worse…I’m an absolute snob […]


I have this very elite list of items that must always be stocked in my fridge or pantry open-faced-shelf-that-is-overwhelmingly-messy. I do replenishment no less than once a week, up to three times if I’m having an anxiety attack/making a peanut butter and jam fort (you bring the pillows! I’ll bring the a budding psychosis/bedsheets!). This list […]

Baba Ganoush

Big news. (Skip my big news. I dare you. … Wait! Come back!) I went two days without buying anything. Ok, whatever, I got a pedicure. But that doesn’t count. That pedicure is granted asylum because the pedicure I had before then was mood-ruining bad. Two words: Gothy Sparkles. Asylum. But mostly I was able […]

Raw Vegan Brownies, & Blondies and Dirty Blondes

What’s a Blondie topped with a Brownie? A slut? BAM. skip my misogyny and hurry on to the recipe! Sometimes you just have to get back to basics and make something that involves very little making. Call it laziness, call it a lingering fear of my oven from that time I set my kitchen on fire, […]

Personalized Baked Tofu Nuggets

Here’s a tip: when you’re entering the world of baking with avocado instead of butter for the first time, make sure you have some leftover tofu in your fridge that’s literally dying to be made into emergency tofu nuggets. Otherwise, you’re just being irresponsible. Yeah so my first foray into avocado-ed baking was a bust. […]


there are so many words in this title! let me know why! now! Sometimes these posts, these recipes, are inspired by Facebook. My own statuses, to be exact. Feel free to engage in some harmless guffawing. It’s kind of embarrassing, sure, in the way we are all supposed to generally accept that Facebook is embarrassing. […]



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