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Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies [vegan + gf]

When I’m having a slow day at work I do a few things. I try on a lot of clothes. A whole lot of clothes. I go up to the 7th floor bathroom despite working on the 2nd floor because the 7th floor bathroom is like the Waldorf-Astoria of bathrooms and I deserve nice things. […]

Local Goods: Dao Palate in Park Slope & How to Rationalize Ordering Three Dishes for One Person

Three pan-asian vegan dishes for one person? The rationale is simple: Dao Palate is really, really tasty. And you know what? You deserve all the delicious Dao Palate entrees your little fingers can “Add to Bag” on the Seamless app. When you request 4 sets of plastic cutlery so that the delivery guy won’t judge you, you’ve […]

Pumpkininny Muffins [vegan]

Chocolate optional. IF YOU’RE A MONSTER. Every now and then you happen upon a recipe that makes you wish you could Scrooge McDuck swan dive into the mixing bowl. I’m talking about insanely incredible batter, folks. I’m talking about Pumpkininny Muffins. And DuckTales. Woo-oo. If you can keep yourself from going to town on the batter […]

Baked Veggie Spaghettis with Vegan Pumpkin Ricotta

Cue the copious amounts of seasonal recipes! So many good fall things happening here. First off, it’s officially tights-under-shorts weather. Praise! Second, it’s spaghetti squash season and dare I say spaghetti squash tastes better than spaghetti? I dared! I dared! Third, pumpkin. Pumpkin in everything. Because fall. I doubt I’m the only one, but I […]

Super Cookies

A secret identity is crucial for super heroes, fathers who have second families, and Super Cookies. Those three things and those three things only. So what makes these cookies super? Lentils. You read right. With two eyes and very little squinting. Like a champ. I found some lentils on a shelf in my kitchen and I […]

Protein Bars – No-Bake and Baked versions

You know what I like? Protein bars. You know what are too expensive to buy regularly? Ponies. And protein bars. Seeing as I can’t make my own ponies (I don’t want to talk about it) I’m going to make my own protein bars (I’m going to want to talk about it). This is a fun […]

Raw Apple Pie

Hey guys! It’s Fall! Time to break out all your super cute sweaters (your sweaters are so super cute!) and your big old boots (you are so on trend!) and your hayride dreams (you probably got bugs in your pants from that hayride last year and brought them home with you but this year will […]

Vegan Bean and Veggie Burgers

Recently I’ve been craving oatmeal. This wouldn’t be noteworthy to anyone else but everyone 2-3 people (hey you, you, and perhaps you!) know that I don’t really eat carbs. I might be terrified of them. No. “Terrified” is too strong. I’m terrified of knives. Petrified. Objectified? No thats not it. I-don’t-want-them-fied. There it is. Of course this also […]



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