Vegan Cookies and Kahlua Ice Cream

Vegan Cookies and Kahlua Ice Cream

If you know me even remotely well, you know that I only really talk about three things: ice cream, guys, and drinking. Fuck it, strangers probably know this the best. Anyways, it’s pretty much the holy trinity as far as I’m concerned. They’re the three things I consume the most (secret’s out, fellas, I will eat you or something I don’t know), and subsequently the three things most frequently on my mind. (I like to deglaze a 20-30something guy, coat some carrots with him or whatnot – really any vegetable is nice.) Let’s just say, if a guy offered to take me out to Ample Hills Creamery for a cup of Salted Crack Caramel Ice Cream followed by a liquid dinner…well I mean, I’d put out. Let’s just say that.

Vegan Cookies and Kahlua Ice Cream

But why not just cut out the middle man? Kill two birds with one stone? A third, equally redundant cliche?

Well, the middle man never called me back, I swear birds are always flying directly towards my face, and what I’m getting at is it’s time for another boozy ice cream recipe. If the alcohol is IN the ice cream and the ice cream is IN my kitchen…well, putting out would be a lot more convenient. That’s all.

Vegan Cookies and Kahlua Ice Cream

So let’s put on a short dress whimsical apron, whore up our makeup do some stretches or something, and maybe not wear a bra (no, that can stay) because it’s time for Vegan Cookies and Kahlua Ice Cream!

Also check out Brokelyn’s fabulous list of The Top Ten Bloody Marys in Brooklyn, featuring my favorite Skylark at #4. Because when I’m not busy drinking, I’m reading about drinking.

I might be kind of crappy at taking ice cream photos but I'm fucking fantastic at America.

I might be kind of crappy at taking ice cream photos but I’m fucking fantastic at America.

serves 4 class acts


  • 1 can of lite coconut milk (I know I’ve been an advocate for full fat coconut milk ice cream but beach bods don’t sculpt themselves)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 6 packets of Truvia
  • 1.5 ounces Kahlua
  • 4 crumbled Oreos, 1 or 2 more optional for post churning mix ins

this recipe took an interesting turn to whore island…

Combine the coconut milk, extract, Truvia, and Kahlua in a medium saucepan. Heat it over medium heat. Bring to a boil as you stir it sorta frequently to prevent the bottom from burning. Bring it down to a simmer. Let it simmer a for like 5 minutes. I don’t know – you could probably mix all these things cold but I think it turned out better this way. Anyways. Put your mixture in the fridge for a couple of hours or until it’s chilled.

Remove your mixture and stir in the Oreo crumbles. Put your mixture in your ice cream machine and let that baby churn for 20-30 minutes or whatever your ice cream machine suggests or until you get really, really hungry. Serve topped with more Oreos, if you like. Also? You look fantastic.

Vegan Cookies and Kahlua Ice Cream



  1. eurhlrgfwqggeyfqw I need this. In my body. Immediately.

  2. Just wondering if you are using actual Oreo’s or is there a vegan brand that you use? I’m not vegan but my friend is and I think she’d love it if I made this for her!!

    1. Oddly enough, Oreos are vegan. God only knows what’s in that cream.

      (Nabisco is god.)

  3. Better to have ice cream in the churned than a bun in the oven, what I always say.

  4. I thought Kahlua contained dairy

    1. Nah. Girlfriend over here scoured the bottle. No dairy or dairy byproducts to be found.

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