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Vegan Oreo Cheesecake

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I’ve admitted already that my apartment has zero tables to speak of. What I haven’t mentioned before is how awkwardly tiny my kitchen is. Even with an Ikea kitchen cart, I have about enough room to consistently drop 3-4 items daily, shattering at least one thing a week. The only thing that outnumbers shards of glass in my apartment is dog hair. I also have only 3 cupboards, one devoted to non-food kitchen items, one full of a hodgepodge of mismatched plates and glasses and ramekins (I’m eclectic/tacky!), and finally the third, food. (I don’t count the cupboards above my head because things that are above my head are inaccessible and therefore do not exist. So fuck you, Quantum Physics.)

To go along with my single food filled cupboard, I have these shelves.


These God forsaken shelves.

Overflowing with stuff (I need 4 jars of peanut butter in various states of emptiness, right?). So. Much. Stuff.

So what inspires a girl who’s so messy she scares boys away to clean up said shelves? Just two free stainless steel food containers from Mira Brands, apparently. Imagine what I’d get done if someone gave me a free stainless steel cleaning lady. (Nothing. I’d watch mostly.)

mira brands containers

Thanks Mira Brands for giving me the kick in the shelf I needed to realize my life is in shambles and I need to put away those damn sunflower seeds already.


So here’s the jist: I got these two little cuties the other day and I have to say, they’re pretty handy. Although small, they are stupid durable (I dropped them numerous times. I think my motor skills aren’t okay.) and they’re pretty sleek looking. And sleek-looking is something I’m always desperate for in my food containers. To say my shelves are totally jazzed up now is understating things pretty accurate.

I kind of wish they had a see-thru window on the lid/somewhere or at least a place to make a reusable label. But my goodness, they are holding my hoardings of sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds like champs.

***So! Here’s your chance to win your very own baby set of Mira Brand’s Stainless Steel Food Containers! And it’s super easy. All you have to do to enter is “like” Quiche-a-Week’s brand new super shiny Facebook page. So go on and like me like you’ve never liked me before. (You did like me before, though, right? Right?!?!!) I’ll randomly select an only-open-to-US-residents winner by April 20th.***

Oh yeah and what was I was inspired to make once I actually had any space to make it? Oreo Vegan Cheesecake. Duh.

vegan oreo cheesecakevegan oreo cheesecake

vegan oreo cheesecake

It’s so tasty! Everyone knows Oreos have no cream in their creme because we’re all chumps so they’re as vegan as a beanie wearing, bespectacled, wrong-side-of-25 chia seed specialist at Whole Foods. And it doesn’t take many Oreos to get that wonderfully nostalgic flavor in there.

The crust utilizes a couple more Oreos and my new favorite thing ever, hazelnut meal. I’m strongly considering a strict hazelnut meal diet. I’ve already started brushing my teeth with it.

Make some cheesecake! Win some stainless steel containers! Don’t say I never did either of these things for you!

vegan oreo cheesecake

makes 2 4″ cheesecakes, 10-12 mini slices total
adapted from Vegetarian Times’ Lemon Tofu “Cheesecake”



  • 1/4 cup hazelnut meal
  • 2 tablespoons ground flaxseed
  • 3 Oreo cookies
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 1/2 tablespoon tahini

everything else

I’m going to start brushing my teeth with oreos soon too…

Make the crust: Combine all those ingredients in a food processor. Pulse until it becomes a paste-like substance. Grease your 2 mini spring form pans (or a normal size one will do if you aren’t concerned about adorable-ness) with vegan butter or some baking spray. Press the paste into the pan. I rolled a drinking glass over the crust to really get it evenly pressed in there. Set aside

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.

Make the filling: Cream the tofu and cream cheese together in a food processor along with the Truvia and tahini. Add the salt and orange zest. Add the disolved cornstarch. Process til smooth. Add the Oreos and give it a few pulses. What’s an Oreo Vegan Cheesecake without some sturdy chunks of Oreo? Exactly. Pour your filling into your pans.

Bake for 40-50-maybe even 60 minutes or until the filling is firm. Cool completely. Refrigerate a few hours. Serve!

(left is based off of 12 slices, right is based off of 10)



  1. tofu and tahini? Not what I would guess to put in a dessert, but I would totally try this!

  2. Great post! Have you ever thought of going into advertising?

    1. There should be some sort of asterisks on your comments to signify you’re my dad 🙂

  3. I liked on facebook! Looks awesome. And the cheesecake looks delicious.. yummm :p

  4. Ha – love the comment from your pops. I liked you on Facebook and am excited to try this cheesecake!

  5. that cheesecake looks amazng!

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