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Nutty Breakfast Bites

Sometimes I make something that tastes really good and when I sit down to write about it I just draw a blank. Usually when that happens, I might go off on some tangent about how drawing a blank is not a thing one can actually do and then I’d probably find a way to work in a sexual […]

Oatmeal Gingerbread Cookies

I like my cookies like a like my men: a little spicy, brunette, chock full of maple syrup undertones, well-established, successful, intelligent, hilarious, and unopposed to oatmeal. If my cookie doesn’t have a PhD, I’m all like, “WHERE’S YOUR PHD, COOKIE? HUH? THE FUCK.” And then I eat the cookie. To prove a point/eat a […]

Brownie Ice Cream Brownie Cake. (Brownie.)

If you were to look at a timeline of my actions yesterday, you’d probably ask me if I was trippin’. Maybe even straight trippin, I don’t know. Then you’d ask me three more times and then I’d start worrying you were having a stroke and start casually looking for telltale signs. What I’m saying is, […]

Red, White & Blue No-Bake Tart and Other Heartbreak Home Remedies

Everyone seems to have their own home remedy for recovering from a broken heart. It’s like getting gum out of your hair or relieving a case of the hiccups. Don’t talk about him for a whole week. Go to the gym. Rebound. Write a way too personal blog post about it and somehow tie it […]

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chunk Bars

I had a really real moment with a girl behind the counter at Magnolia Cupcakes in Grand Central the other day. “Can I have a chocolate chip cookie?” “Yes.” (smile, no movement, dead eyes. classic.) “the cookie…” I point at it. I think we might be playing chicken, not sure. I’ve never been very good […]

Maple Crunch Protein and Fiber Bars

There are few things as satisfying as making some snack bars. I mean, except for like a really, really good nap. And don’t get me started on perfectly poached eggs. Or shopping when you’re sad or hot showers when you’re cold or remembering to bring an umbrella when you need an umbrella or my dog’s […]

Sweet Potato and Vanilla Ice Cream (almost raw) Pie

I really wanted to start this post by saying this is the greatest thing I think I’ve ever made. Luckily, I get to start it however I want and, you know, I just exercised that right. My only hesitation is this: I’ve called other things the best things I’ve ever made. For a hot second […]

Maple Roasted Cashew Butter

I have a terrible memory. Blame the rampant drinking (I’m young!), blame the fact that I’m very rarely listening when people talk to me (I’m self-centered!), or blame the dozens of other variables I’ve clearly long forgotten. And I’ve only ever had minor head injuries (is a thing people say?), none of which resulted in […]

Sweet & Spicy Nutty Crack Bites

Lots of products claim to be some version of crack. Crack ice cream. Crack pie. Crack matzo. Crack. There are so many things I love about this. Mostly I think it’s fabulous that we consumers – without question – will flock towards crack that is (typically) not crack. It’s like candy cigarettes when you’re 10. […]

Amazing Meal No-Bake Protein Bars

Listen, I’m not going to beat around the protein powder bush here. I’m not one to beat, punch, strangle, or assault any bushes (I think I’m missing the point of the word “beat” in this context? Or I’m just anti-plant violence? Probably?). So here’s the straight up warm handshake directly to the bush (nope, I definitely […]



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