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Double Chocolate Banana Bread Protein Bars

There are few things I love more than making banana bread that isn’t quite banana bread. So much so that when I came home from work on Saturday night, instead of curling up in fetal position and crying because I just spent all Saturday at work with the foreboding knowledge I’d be spending all Sunday at work […]

Leftover Brown Rice Pudding: PB+J Style

Have you ever had something “explode in your mouth”? I don’t know, it just sounds really, really dangerous. Is it a smoky thing? Like fireworks? Or like some sort of electrical fire? Hm. I can see the delicious, kind-of-tastes-like-metal appeal. Places like Olive Garden and Red Lobster promise it all the time but the explosions […]

Black and White PB + J Ice Cream Reese’s Cups

Have you ever bitten into something not expecting it to be filled with ice cream but that’s exactly what it is? And it’s especially surprising because you made said treat yourself so if anyone should expect a mouthful of ice cream it’d be you? But you didn’t? So is that considered the upper echelons of happiness? […]

Banana Bread French Toast [vegan] [serious]

Some of my favorite things are French. French fries. French kissing. Pretentious dispositions. French toast. But so many of those things are terrible for you. French fries make you fat. French kissing makes you pregnant. Pretentiousness makes you better than your friends and that really sucks for them but they just don’t “get it” like […]

Banana Chocolate Chip and Date Muffins [vegan]

What do you need after a mini hiatus from writing about food because your favorite person is visiting you in New York and you’ve been drinking your way through the city for 3 days straight? You need wholesome, good-for-you-carbs and healthy sugars in the form of Banana Chocolate Chip and Date Muffins because I think your […]

Cookies and Bananas Foster Cream Pie [vegan]

Do you ever always fixate on something completely and utterly and absolutely necessary to your everyday well-being? Weird. I’ve been fixated on Bananas Foster recently too. I’ve been making some variation of it for three days straight. If there are bananas in my kitchen, there is Bananas Foster in my frying pan. It’s just that […]

Protein Bars – No-Bake and Baked versions

You know what I like? Protein bars. You know what are too expensive to buy regularly? Ponies. And protein bars. Seeing as I can’t make my own ponies (I don’t want to talk about it) I’m going to make my own protein bars (I’m going to want to talk about it). This is a fun […]

Sweet Baked Falafel

This Sweet Baked Falafel* is a blessing, a godsend, a savior. And it’s going directly in my mouth while I slowly go deaf. Sitting in my apartment, I am surrounded by the sounds of banging hammers, drills, posts being removed from things and then being put back into things, yelling in various languages, things falling […]



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