The Search for the Best Cookies in New York, January: Baked in Brooklyn – Chocolate Chip & Walnut

baked in brooklyn

I love cookies. I think this is part of the reason I am so health conscious and so into avoiding carbs. You kinda have to be when you live for cookies. It’s a non-negotiable. I don’t deny myself treats and my treat of choice is always, 100% of the time, a cookie. So much so that I often eat my lowered carb healthy breakfasts/lunches/dinners solely so I can feel like I earned a cookie. Because let’s be real, you can’t have any pudding (cookies) if you don’t eat your meat (anything other than meat). Thanks for setting the standard of good eating habits, Pink Floyd.

So it brings me great joy to announce that I’m going to eat as many cookies as I typically do except now I’m going to photograph them and write about them. You know, for science.

I want to go all Honey I Shrunk the Kids on this cookie.I could live in a cookie.

I want to go all Honey I Shrunk the Kids on this cookie.
I could live in a cookie.

This brings me to The Search’s first cookie: Baked in Brooklyn’s Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookie. Hey, did you know there is a bakery 5 blocks away from me? Neither did I for the last 7 months. Weird how walking one block further than you would ever go for any reason opens up new doors in your life. New doors into bakeries, primarily.

Anyways, I made my first venture out to Baked in Brooklyn today and immediately their cookies popped out at me. Mostly because they are gigantic. I like that. I like cookies that do that. Two options: this guy and an oatmeal raisin. Really, it’s harder to make a great chocolate chip cookie in my mind than an oatmeal raisin so clearly, ima judge you on the classic. So here’s me judging Baked in Brooklyn on a classic…

it's so weird how I failed science consistently in high school when I'm so dedicated to research as an adult.

it’s so weird how I failed science consistently in high school when I’m so dedicated to research as an adult.

755 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215
Giant Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookie
SCORE: 41/50
82% Perfect

1. SIZE: 7/10 – I’ve never been crazy about absolutely gigantic chocolate chip cookies because they are typically made really thick when they’re made so large but these cookies manage to be big without entirely overwhelming. I like the average thickness mixed with the giant diameter of the cookie. Makes me feel less like a monster eating one. But it’s still a little overwhelming.


  • AS IS: 3/5 – Okay, it was almost noon when I got my cookie and this isn’t a heavily foot trafficked area so it makes sense that my cookie didn’t seem fresh out of the oven. It was a little hard but not so hard that I would consider it a bad thing. I’m not a chewy cookie kind of girl (they always taste too underdone to me), but it could have been a little softer. Or, they could have heated it up or something.
  • POST 30 SEC MICROWAVING: 4.5/5 – Heaven. Since it wasn’t undercooked to begin with, this sucker heated up like a gift from the gods.

3. DUNKED IN SOY MILK: 9/10 – I’m just nervous giving my first cookie a perfect score, but it was fabulous with my soy milk. (I sound like such a pretentious ass, right? Perfect.)

4. OVERALL TASTE: 18/20 – This is a really good cookie, guys. The flavors are balanced and, unlike a lot of chocolate chip cookies I’ve had, it um, actually has flavors. Flavors that exist enough to be called “balanced.”

  • ADD INs: 8/10 – I feel like this is where so many chocolate chip cookies fall flat, but not this one. The chocolate chips were tasty, chocolatey, and not that weird chalky taste that I think some cookies – and cookie eaters – are victim to.
  • COOKIE DOUGH: 9/10 – Love the cookie dough. It’s almost a bit oaty and that really nice nuttiness of a damn tasty cookie. Only thing? It could have used a touch more of salt. But then again, the only place I like salt is in my cookies. So, that.
I feel like a kid again.Quick. Start giving me everything I want.

I feel like a kid again.
Quick. Start giving me everything I want.


One comment

  1. ooooh mannnn. You are making me SERIOUSLY want a chocolate chip cookies!

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