National Oatmeal Month: Sneaky Pete’s Oatstanding Beverages Giveaway & Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Ice Cream

oatmeal raisin cookie ice cream

Who loves plays on words more than me? No one. Ever.

So imagine my joy when I got an email from someone from Sneaky Pete’s, makers of Oatstanding Beverages. But then imagine my further joy when this was part of the email:


(I did not already know.)

Anyways, in an effort to promote full disclosure and transparency, Sneaky Pete’s offered to send me some samples of their oat-based juices and I offered to share my personal taste test for you. Also, they’re giving away a free sample pack like the one they sent me to one of your readers just for piping in and being a friend. Yay! Juice high fives all around!

Take me to the giveaway details!

Take me to the ice cream recipe!

I always knew only having a windowsill and no table in my apartment would come in handy for at least one other thing besides pie cooling.

I always knew only having a windowsill and no table in my apartment would come in handy for at least something.
Something besides pie cooling.

My only regret is not inviting the UPS guy up to help me sample.VIVA LA NATIONAL OATMEAL MONTH.

My only regret is not inviting the UPS guy up to help me sample.

Luckily for all of us, Oatstanding Beverages are both punny and tasty. For a girl that isn’t crazy about juice in general (they are usually so sweet they make my teeth/insides/heart/everything hurt?), I could see myself drinking these. I think it must be thanks to Sneaky Pete’s careful choice of ingredients and avoiding all the unnatural garbage.

Sneaky Pete’s Oatstanding Beverages boast 3g of fiber per 40 calorie bottle of their various juices. With only 5g of sugar, no artificial additives or sweeteners, and only 10g of carbs when you subtract the sugar alcohol from the erythritol, it kinda makes you feel sorta good about yourself. Like, as a person. Emotionally. Mentally. Attractively.

My favorite flavor was the Peach Perfection, mainly because it really did smell heavily and recognizably as peach and the flavors were the strongest of the four I tried. Mango Mystique was also good but I have this weird fear that I’m allergic to mangos because one time a mango mojito made me really loopy. Perfect logic.

Apples Away and Raspberry Beret (where is my beret made of raspberries? that sounds both dashing and extremely logical!) were very similar in taste, both tasting bright, naturally sweet, and refreshing.

I've always said, my diet dr pepper bottles are not nearly adorable enough.where is the heart cut out of 23 nondescript flavors, huh Diet Dr Pepper? Where??

I’ve always said, my diet dr pepper bottles are not nearly adorable enough.
where is the heart cut out of 23 nondescript flavors, huh Diet Dr Pepper? Where??

I can often be heard referring to fiber as “my jam” so I may very well take to drinking Sneaky Pete’s in my everyday life. Hey man, anything that can boost my fiber in a tasty way without throwing my carb count all out of wack is awesome in my book. I hate when things are thrown out of wack. Except for Wack Attacks. I love that shit.

But since it’s National Oatmeal Month (LIVE EVERY MONTH LIKE IT’S NATIONAL OATMEAL MONTH/YOUR LAST), I’d be remiss to deprive you of a silly oat based recipe. I didn’t make juice, but I did make Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Vegan Ice Cream. WE CAN’T ALL BE JUICE MAKERS.

oatmeal raisin cookie dough ice cream

My ice cream scooper is one of my favorite spoons and I love spoons so you know it's legit.

My ice cream scooper is one of my favorite spoons and I love spoons so you know it’s legit.

This is a tasty treat, guys.

Compared to your everyday cookie dough ice cream, this sucker cuts out nearly half the amount of carbs, drops the sugar laughably low (I laugh in your face, sugar), and gives you some happy healthy fats. Plus it’s ice cream and I like ice cream and I want to have an ice cream party for my birthday next month because I’m turning 9 and make it happen.

I put the cute jar of sugar behind my ice cream to taunt it, wanted in there so bad and I was all like "no."

I put the cute jar of sugar behind my ice cream to taunt it, mostly.
it wanted in there so bad and I was all like “no.”

serves 5, 80g serving size



  • 1/3 cup (32g) rolled oats
  • 1 tablespoon (16g) peanut butter (I used my ol’ faithful Naturally More Peanut Butter + Omega 3s and Flaxseeds)
  • 1 ounce unsweetened applesauce
  • 1 packet (3.5g) Truvia
  • 15g raisins
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • a dash of nutmeg
  • a dash of salt


  • 1 13-14oz can of regular fat coconut milk
  • 2 packets (7g) Truvia
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

I can’t wait for National Flaxseed Month so I can celebrate it by freebasing ground flaxseed:

In a small bowl, combine the dough ingredients until properly mixed. Toss in the freezer for a few minutes while you prepare your ice cream mix.

In a bowl, whisk together all your ice cream ingredients. Pour it into your prepared ice cream machine thinger and use as directed according to product instructions.

While your ice cream is churning, divide up your chilled cookie dough into small balls. Place back in the freezer while your ice cream continues to churn. Lick the living daylights out of your fingers. Those fingers are fresh outta daylights!

When your churning days are over, fold the cookie dough balls into the soft ice cream and place in an airtight container. Eat immediately for insanely delicious soft serve goodness or freeze until it’s at your preferred consistency. Munch.


ice cream nfp


It’s pretty simple, folks. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite thing to make with oats. I know I love to eat my way out of a poison ivy bath every summer after I’ve been getting into trouble with my rag tag team of misfit pals (homeless people). Also be sure to follow Sneaky Pete’s on Twitter to learn about their latest yummy offers! Offer is only open to those in the 48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia. I’ll pick the winner at random by Tuesday, January 22nd. Then we shall clink our glasses of Oatstanding Beverages and get stupid drunk on fiber.




  1. That ice cream looks ahhh-may-zing (my syllables get a little out of wack when I’m excited). I’ve been so happy since I discovered you don’t need an ice cream maker to make ice cream (yay one less appliance to buy!). My favorite way to use oatmeal is to throw some into my green monster smoothie in the morning, since it makes it all thick and adds some great fiber.

  2. I love making oat-based protein bars. I use a food processor to make oat flour in addition to whole rolled oats, mix with almond milk, chia seeds, baking powder, stevia, a scoop of protein powder, applesauce, and whatever flavorings I’m craving. It makes a low sugar, high protein on-the-go breakfast or a healthy late night snack. Today I made lemon oat bars and they were delicious! I’d love to try Sneaky Pete’s, I’m oat-obsessed and the flavors all sound amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. What a coinkidink, I’ve been eating oatmeal all week like it’s going out of style. My favorite thing to make would have been oatmeal banana breakfast cookies had you asked me yesterday, but today I made a microwave banana pb chocolate chip cookie (even though I abhor the microwave, I abhor getting up more that was deeeeelicious. I am excited for this ice cream even though I have no applesauce, sad. Maybe yogurt swap?

  4. emilyvoneuw · · Reply

    Oh my gosh GO AWAY you’re too amazing. I can’t handle these pictures.


  5. justaudrey · · Reply

    Overnight oats!

  6. Madeline · · Reply


  7. Yep – I want to eat this. Yum!

  8. Ttrockwood · · Reply

    I love savory oats and wheatberries topped with avocado, scallions and soy sauce

  9. Chewy coconut granola bars from Cooking Light

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