Organic Avenue Juice Cleanse Review + Giveaway!

The least drunk I’ve ever been after a shot.


Seriously, if I didn’t have to wear black to work/look sane, I’d have written that on my shirt.

I did my first (short) Juice Cleanse from Organic Avenue earlier this week and I. Am. Jazzed. About. It. Let me explain how it all came about and why you should do one too…

I’d been considering doing one for the last couple weeks and by some weird coincidence – and I swear this was completely unintentional – it seemed like half the blogs I subscribe to were considering doing the same thing. So it kept pushing its way to the forefront of my mind.

Then I had a night that included way too much drinking (this is my blog and I am honest when I feel like it) which, according to the state of my kitchen and my aching stomach the next morning, I seem to have eaten half of my fridge and pantry. Luckily I keep healthy stuff in there but still. I felt so sick the entire next day, not from the drinking, but rather the eating. I’d treated my body poorly and I needed to hit restart. Bad.

So I took all of these things as signs and stopped by the ever so awesome Organic Avenue by my work.

beautiful, beautiful juices.

Here’s how it went…

Oh, these people are incredible.

I signed up for just a two-day Love*deep cleanse mainly because of logistics. When I picked up my personally hand crafted bundles the next morning, I was met by the cheeriest human being I’ve ever come across. Girlfriend was a delight at 9am and by association, I became equally delightfully at 9am. (This is rare.)

I, uh, couldn’t really put this down long enough to get a pre-devoured shot.

The first day of the cleanse was a breeze. The booster elixir “shot” wasn’t bad (OA employees are the first to tell you that those are not exactly delicious…) and the first juice, Pears, was kinda the best juice I’ve ever had. Other standouts: Carrot Juice, Orange Juice, and the Ginger Lemonade. Being busy at work, I had no problem forgetting about food and hopping out every 2 or so hours to drink another juice. The rest of the juices were great and I added a bit of protein powder to my dessert Coconut Mylk because of course I would.

By the time I got to bed, I swear I was feeling lighter, emotionally and physically.

Girl’s totally juicing.

Day 2 was harder. It was one of my scheduled days off and combined with a snow day, I didn’t leave my apartment. Basically I had nothing to do but countdown the hours to my next juice. I supplemented day two with a very small raw salad of just greens, live sprouts and vinegar, a handful of raw coconut chips, and some raw string beans mainly out of boredom. I kept it all within the raw vegan realm and no more than 150 calories.

But I still felt motherfucking great. And I really mean it. It was snowing and disgusting outside and I had a rainbow hovering over my head.

I’m glad I did only two days, not due to hunger but rather because I dropped about 4 pounds and that’s entirely too big a percentage of my body weight to consider a third day at all reasonable.

If you’ve read this whole diary entry, cool. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have but because I’m thankful for each and every one of you this holiday season, I want to give one of you lovely readers a 1-day’s juice cleanse from Organic Avenue just to try it out without any risks. It’s the holiday season, who couldn’t use a free 1-day juice cleanse?

I swear they are less intimidating and gang-like in real life.


Here are the entry instructions and rules of the giveaway:

You have the opportunity to earn up to 4 entries…

Earn 1 entry by commenting on this post, sharing why you want to try a juice cleanse.

Earn 1 entry by becoming a new follower by way of wordpress or email subscription.

Earn 1 entry by following quiche-a-week on pinterest.

Earn 1 entry by sharing this post on Pinterest. (Make sure you pin it from this post so I can track it easily!)

Make sure I have some way of contacting you through all of these entry opportunities!

Entries close when I get home from work on Thursday, November 15. Let’s say 8pm EST. I reserve the right to end the giveaway early if I see fit. One winner will be chosen at random within 24 hours of the last entry. The winner has 48 hours to get back to me to claim the prize.

The giveaway is open to US residents only, excluding residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Sorry dudes. I’d include you guys but I am not made of shipping and handling money. I am made of juice.

The 1-day cleanse is shipped overnight by FedEx from one of Organic Avenue’s Manhattan locations within 72 hours of order placement.

This is giveaway is not sponsored by Organic Avenue, just myself and my wonderfully depleting bank account. Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. I don’t have pinterest but I wanna enter and i already follow you!

  2. p.s your cleanse sounds amazing

  3. Katie Didit · · Reply

    I would love to do this! I always feel like crap around the holidays with all the overindulging. This would probably be really refreshing.

  4. Katie Didit · · Reply

    I also re-pinned this post!

  5. Katie Didit · · Reply

    ….aaaaand I’m now a follower on Pinterest 🙂 I’m Katie Lynne there.

  6. I’ve been debating a juice cleanse myself off and on for a few months and with the holidays coming up, I could definitely use one. So glad you could go before me and show me there’s nothing to fear.

  7. Shocking!! Do your parents know that you’re doing juice cleanses?

  8. love organic ave but haven’t tried their juice cleanses! subscribed via email, following you on pinterest, and have repinned! really want some juices.

  9. Becky Dozier · · Reply

    Hey now! I want to feel MF’ing great! My son is having Tonsil adenoidectomy over Thanksgiving so we have decided to use the opportunity to remove all dyes and preservatives. This would be a great start for me:-) Great Post….I already receive your emails. I am going to try to pin it! I have never figured out how to do that but I am sure there is someone in this office that can help me!

  10. Hey! Would love to try a juice cleanse. I’ve read about this one, Blueprint and Cooler Cleanse. They all look great. Are you thinking about trying any other ones?

  11. You’re weird… Can I have it? If not, can I have it as my nondenominational holiday present you weren’t going to get me?

  12. I think a cleanse is always helpful to try either right before or after the holiday feasting.

  13. I subscribe via email

  14. I have done a juice fast for 3 days before and I felt amazing. You feel full of energy and completly fulfilled. Chronic symptoms that I had been expirencing went away by the 2nd day.

  15. Because you refreshingly use real language and I fucking like that! I also have a juicer and prefer natural products.

  16. following Molly Wilkof Pinterest as Ky2here

  17. ky2here at msn dot com

  18. Karen Gonyea · · Reply

    I’d like to clean my system out prior to the new years so I can start eating well on day 1 !!

  19. domestic diva · · Reply

    We should probably all do a cleanse once a year or so — I’m overdue.

  20. I want to try a juice cleanse becaaause I never have before and it sounds cool.

  21. I am also already subscribed to your blog on wordpress (prob through ekwee/e7bookworm) and am following you on pinterest as ekwee.

  22. Christine · · Reply

    would love to try to rid toxins and drop weight

  23. i have never done a juice cleanse but i hear they are healthy and that is my new years resolution!


  24. I want to try to because I’m trying to be more mindful about my eating.

  25. I have a surgery coming up soon and I think this would help me focus on that and relax.

  26. elizabeth p · · Reply

    Ever been burned out, exhausted and feeling like crap? Yeah? That’s why I want to do a juice cleanse.

  27. elizabeth p · · Reply

    I follow you on pinterest.

  28. I treat myself with something similar every now and then but I own my perfect little juicer and mostly make my own magical elixirs. It always makes me feel better and fresher after and I even got some of my friends to jump onto the juicer bandwagon after my odes! I would however try something like this – a pro version I would say.. I wonder what the difference would be thou.

  29. I love juice and I’ve never tried a cleanse

  30. I would love to ty this because I feel tired all the time and think my body needs a break

  31. i follow you on pinterest as wendy wallach

  32. I would love to try a cleanse. I’m a believer in fresh food and healthy nutrients.

  33. i would like to try juice cleanse because sometimes i just feel like i need to cleanse

  34. I want to do a juice cleanse because I want to be just like you (well I’m already pretty hilarious, but I suppose everyone could use a little boost every now and again). Juice me!

  35. I want to get some energy!

  36. wee forks · · Reply

    I just started following you on Pinterest!

  37. wee forks · · Reply

    Aaaaand I just subscribed to you on my Google Reader!

  38. wee forks · · Reply

    As for why I’d like to do a juice cleanse, I’ve done one before but wasn’t overwhelmed by the results, as I was already high raw and eating super clean. Right now… not so much. So I could use it more now!

  39. I’d like to try a juice cleanse because I’ve heard good things about them but never tried one. I’d like to find out if this is something I could manage longer term.

  40. Based on your advice I bought a juicer and just did a 3 day….you are so smart. It was easy and awesome and I probably only look like I am 14 now instead of the age I am which is only relevant if you live in the real world…..I miss you XOXO

  41. elangomatt · · Reply

    I’ve never tried a juice blend before but I’ve been wanting to try one since my co-worker tried one and said she felt pretty great after it was done.

  42. Thanks everyone for entering! Deborah won by way of random online number picker thing.

  43. I guess I’m too late for your contest, but I appreciate the post! I’m considering 2 days of the cleanse (too expensive otherwise). Thanks again!

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