Sunny Side Up Spinach Cakes

I know I make a lot of vegan food but being a vegan is sort of similar to how I’m an octopus: I am not one. And while no one has ever called me a preachy octopus (not a sermon, just an 8-tentacled-could-destroy-you thought), I’ve gotten “preachy vegan” more than once. So you know what I say to that?

Breakfast piñatas.
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I hope there are at least 3 butterfingers inside this one.
No wait. 4.

And you know what I say to that blank look you’re giving me?

Sunny Side Up Spinach Cakes. Now stop looking at me. Your soulless eyes make me nervous.

this is my favorite quartet since Boyz II Men which was my favorite quartet since that group of freckles I noticed on my arm!

Ok. Sure. It helps that I eat my breakfast with a baseball bat and blind, reckless enthusiasm. I guess. But these can be your breakfast piñatas too. The similarities are uncanny! I will explain! Where’s my baseball bat?!!

these silicone baking cups are the first things I’ve purchased from Ikea that haven’t made me cry out of frustration.
Until I realized no muffins are ever shaped like this ever. IKEEEEAAA!

Just like a paper mache unicorn dangling from a tree keeps candy and the occasional gold watch in its belly, these spinach and cheese cakes create a magically low-carb non-bread vehicle to cradle a delicious prize. See? Exactly the same!

Not convinced? Well how about this! Beating the crap out of a piñata makes me feel good because I have deep-rooted emotional problems I’m filled with hate I like breaking things and having better things come out of that thing just like cutting into a Sunny Side Up Spinach Cake makes me feel good because egg yolks are rich and delicious and I love unleashing them onto my plate. Eerily similar.

so many “just yolking” puns to be made.
so few “just yolking” puns don’t make me hate myself.

So there you have it. The Sunny Side Up Spinach Cake is a tasty breakfast option if you love sunny side up eggs but don’t love soaking them up with empty carbs. Low in calories, high in protein, and paired with 1g or less net-carbs, this breakfast piñata lets you have your sunny side up egg and soak up the yolk too.

Now get crackin!
(I hate me.)

You will be my outlet for violence!

makes 4-6 muffins, depending on cheese choice and muffin silicone cup size
nutrition info


  • 81g chopped frozen spinach, cooked according to package instructions
  • 6g milled chia seeds
  • .5 oz crumbled feta cheese – or – one wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste + any other things you’re craving > paprika, red pepper flakes, cayenne, bragg’s seasoning, love. (not weird.)
  • 4-6 whole eggs, depending on how many muffin cups  you fill.
  • optional add-in ideas: capers, finely diced tomatoes, more cheese, diced onions, minced garlic
  • *Tools that help immensely: individual silicone muffin cups

it’s this easy.
I’m not yolking around.


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Mix the spinach, milled chia seeds, seasonings, and whichever cheese you’re using. If you’re using a silicone muffin cup the size of the ones from Ikea, press about 40-45g of the mixture along the interior of the cup to make a thin wall of spinach. If you’re using a more standard sized silicone muffin cup, use 20-25g of the spinach mixture to make your spinach fortress. Crack and egg into your spinach cup. Top with some more cheese if you’re feeling that. Set the silicone muffin cups into some baking dish of sorts and pop them in the oven. Bake for 14 or so minutes or until the whites of the eggs are just cooked.

Remove and eat promptly for the best gooey prizes.

place one on a bed of more spinach, top it with some balsamic vinegar and take this to the next level.
I believe in you.

nutrition facts for one cake with feta and capers. Add 5 calories for the laughing cow cheese wedge version if you must.



  1. this made me laugh out loud and then it made me hungry

    1. thanks! now go beat the prize out of your breakfast!

  2. Oh my god. Must make now. Now. Even though I’m sitting at my desk at work.

    1. Just make a couple dozen and work will understand/love you.

  3. Lol when I first saw those silicon cups, I thought you had somehow made these in mini flower pots. Ikeaaaaa indeed.

  4. Can you put them in the fridge and eat them later?

    1. Welllll…I definitely did it and lived to tell the tale but they aren’t nearly as good post-refrigeration. Just imagine a refrigerated sunny side up egg…edible but, uh, a little weird.

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